Midlands League 2018/2019 (ML)

Midlands Floorball League acts as the competitive arena for a variety of floorball teams from the midlands area. The Midlands League acts under the UK Floorball Federation, and has a number of long established teams competing and pursuing the growth of the sport in the area. Seasons run from October to March and teams compete in tournaments, which take place on Sundays. For the 2017-2018 season the games are mostly played in the St. Georges park FA Center, which provides top level facilities for the teams and the sport. The best teams of the season attend UK Nationals where they compete against top teams from other regions in the battle for the UK championship.

Rank Teams Played Won Lost Drawn Points For Against Current form
1 UCM / Jigsaw Foods 16 15 1 0 45 145 36 WWWWL
2 Rhinos 16 13 3 0 39 126 35 WWWWW
3 Cambridge Floorball Club 16 12 4 0 36 81 38 WWWWW
4 Norwich Necromancers 16 9 6 1 28 84 68 WLLLW
5 Wakefield Wolves 16 6 9 1 19 93 91 LLWWW
6 Bristol Floorball 16 6 10 0 18 104 103 LWWLL
7 Coventry Lightning 16 6 10 0 18 84 110 WLLLW
8 Warwick Floorball Club 16 3 13 0 9 42 102 LLLLL
9 Nottingham Floorball 16 1 15 0 3 20 196 LLLLW

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