National Finals will be held 26th-27th May 2018 on a bank holiday weekend as voted for. Each year we plan to rotate Nationals to be hosted in the region of each of the 3 leagues, so 2019 will be hosted in Scotland. We acknowledge the very long drive for our Scottish League teams. K2 is adjacent to a major motorway so easy to access via car (with free parking) but also accessible via plane or train being right next to Gatwick airport. Easyjet fly to Gatwick from Aberdeen, Glasgow & Edinburgh with return flights currently showing at about £60 - although I am sure there are better deals out there! We hope that rotating Nationals each year shares the traveling out, and giving as much notice as possible of dates & venue helps with advance planning.

Season licenses for U18 players update: hopefully I’ve contacted everybody who has enquired, but for general info! Players under 18 are permitted to enter SNL leagues provided: • They have parent/guardians permission • Team Manager is confident the player is physically able to compete & not at undue risk of injury • League Director approves & doesn’t have reason to think that the player will impact the game play of any team in the league In order to support opportunities for talented, skilled & motivated young players to compete & develop UKFF has agreed to reinstate the option for U16 players to register for an SNL season license as a Youth Player at a cost of £10 with the option of a Student License at £25 unchanged. Please note that UKFF reserves the right to withdraw a youth player from the SNL & refund the license fee if it is felt the situation is in any way unsafe.

UKFF is pleased to confirm the following qualification structure for National Finals 2018 and group selection process.

Please help us to take our sport to the next level! UKFF is looking to appoint one person in each of the 3 regions to help create an 'activator' certificate and organise some coaching courses for our partner organisations to train hundreds of coaches.

After three wins at the group phase favourite teams Aberdeen Oilers and West Coast Floorball Club Glasgow made it to semifinal along with second teams Hawick Hawks and Fife Lightning. Lightning and Oilers made it to the final where Oilers dominated and took the cup. In a game for 3rd place West Coast won after pens. (Results : here)

As AGM agreed, all teams must make all reasonable efforts to have two qualified referees, so here are two options for attending on Referee course. All already qualified referees have an obligation to attend to ensure their licence will be renewal. For more info contact David - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

UKFF is pleased to announce the appointment of Dean Smith as the new Men's Under-19 National Team Manager, to support Kaspars in his role of Mens U19 Team Coach.

UKFF would like to invite  skilled youth floorball players born between 1/1/2000 and 31/12/2004 with a British passport to attend the first GB Men'a U19 training session at Moreton Fire College on Saturday 14th October.

UKFF is delighted to welcome Tim Hidskes to our team. Tim joins us with wealth of experience and enthusiasm for sport, originally being from Netherlands, now based in Norway. Currently Tim is an active coach and club developer in Bergen with Fjell-Kameraterne and in the past has been a player in the Netherlands Mens and U19s team, as well as a period of time in the UK playing with London Sharks.


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If you have no idea what floorball is, this is a short introduction : Floorball is a type of floor hockey with five players and a goalkeeper in each team.

Men and women play indoors with 96–115.5 cm-long (37.8–45.5 in) sticks and a 22–23 cm-circumference (8.7–9.1 in) plastic ball with holes. Matches are played in three twenty-minute periods. Developed in the 1960s and 1970s in Sweden, floorball is most popular where it has been developed the longest, such as the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. It is gaining popularity in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States.