West Coast secured their title in the last tournament after playing last three games against rivals Hawks, who ended 2nd this season, strong Oilers and Fife Lightning. They draw with Hawks (5-5) and won two other games (Oilers 10-6 and Lightnig 7-3) and these results let them stay on the top of the league. They also secured their place at National Finals along with Hawks and Aberdeen Uni who finished 3rd. The 4th team were Edinburgh Unicorns who set up a brand new team before this season. Aberdeen Oilers ended up on the 5th position and reason was that they lost 9 points by deduction for mistakably breaking the UKFF rules. Teams from Fife (Lightning and Thunder) finished on 6th and 7th places.

In individual statistics there are top fives :

Most Points SFL...............(Top 5)
Most Goals SFL .............(Top 5)
Most Assists SFL..............(Top 5)

More could be found at https://ukfloorball.com/leagues/scottish-league/table/32-scottish-league-2019-2020-sfl