Spectators visiting the Fire Service College in Moreton-in-Marsh on 24th February 2019 were treated to some impressive and dramatic floorball matches! After this tournament it still isn't clear which teams will make up the final Midlands League triplet competing at National Finals, but promises even tougher battles at the next tournaments to secure the last two spots. Please find below a summary of Sunday’s fixtures.

Warwick Floorball 0 - Cambridge Floorball Club 4

0 - Linus Forsberg 2 (1+1), Roman 2 (1+1), Kerijs Ostrovskis 1 (1+0), Dimitri Kessler 1 (1+0), Steffen Oppel 1 (0+1), Vinnay Chhabildas 1 (0+1)

Captain’s comments:

Warwick: “Cambridge has had an excellent league season so far, and despite our best efforts to learn from our previous match against them, they proved to be too strong for us again. Although we felt we had opportunities on counterattacks, it’s hard to argue Cambridge didn’t deserve the 4-0 win.”

Cambridge: “Very nice, clean and structured game by both teams. Cambridge had thought game to win which we managed”.

Nottingham Floorball 0 – Rhinos 15

0 - William Palmer 6 (3+3), Sam Drew 5 (2+3), Michael Palmer 3 (2+1), Chris Holmes 3 (1+2), Mateusz Szkudlarek 3 (2+1), Ben Pearson 2 (2+0), Harry Pinfold 2 (1+1), Jody Swift 1 (1+0), Jim Bridger 2 (1+1)

Captain’s comments:

Nottingham: Facing one of the best teams in the league was always going to be a challenge. But our defending in the first period was promising.

Rhinos: No comments provided.

Bristol Floorball 2 – UCM/Jigsaw Foods 10

Marian Bobok 2 (1+1), Fredrik Sundell 1 (1+0), Edgars Kibilds 1 (0+1) - Janis Alps 5 (3+2), Raivis Bogdanovs 4 (3+1), Kristaps Krumins 4 (3+1), Arturs Vitolins 4 (1+3), Janis Spruzenieks 1 (0+1), Oskars Briedis 1 (0+1) , Didzis Simanis 1 (0+1)

Captain’s comments:

Bristol: “UCM play very great and be hard to score at least some goal how we are all ready expected. More stronger team against you play more experience you learn!”

UCM: “Bristol is great new team but unfortunately low player number at this tournament didn't let them to show full potential and our counter attacks was too much for them.”

Wakefield wolves 4 – Coventry Lightning 8

Endijs Brivers 2 (2+0), Alberts Jermacans 2 (1+1), Martins Riekstins 1 (0+1), Reinis Madzuls1 (0+1) - Scot March (COV) own goal and 1 (0+1), Jan Felcman 7 (6+1), Peter Smejdovec 5 (1+4), Joseph Gilbert 2 (1+1), Kieran Holland 1 (0+1)

Captain’s comments:

Wakefield: “Tough game. We tried our best but if the team don’t perform as a team then nothing more can be said. Coventry, well done showed us how a team should play, we should learn from that..

Coventry: “Both teams play well throughout and it was a great battle by both teams. New tactics and systems played a big part in the win.”

Nottingham Floorball 1 – Cambridge Floorball Club 11

George Stewart 1 (1+0) - Elvijs Sarkans 4 (2+2), Dusan Kubik 4 (2+2), Petr Koblovsky 4 (3+1), Roman 1 (1+0), Simon Saunders 1 (1+0), Dimitri Kessler 1 (1+0), Kerijs Ostrovskis 1 (1+0), Vinnay Chhabildas 1 (0+1), Steffen Oppel 1 (0+1), Linus Forsberg 1 (0+1)

Captain’s comments:

Nottingham: This proved to be a tough game as anticipated with Cambridge moving the ball well but with a small squad we kept on fighting till the end..

Cambridge: “Score speaks for itself but Nottingham play getting better and they finding there way around pitch. One unfortunate goal for Cambridge but otherwise nice game to play”

Warwick Floorball Club 1 - Rhinos 7

Rajaram Sivasankar 1 (1+0), Jack Meadows 1 (0+1) - Mateusz Szkudlarek 4 (2+2), Harry Pinfold 3 (1+2), Sam Drew 2 (2+0), William Palmer 2 (0+2), Jim Bridger 1 (1+0), Jody Swift 1 (1+0), Chris Holmes 1 (0+1).

Captain’s comments:

Warwick: “Rhinos really brought the flare for this match, with a more youthful looking side than we had played earlier in the season. The speed and skill they offered proved to be too much for us to handle, but playing against a team with such attacking quality is a valuable experience for us going forwards.”

Rhinos: No comments provided.

Bristol Floorball 5 – Coventry Lightning

6 Edgars Kibilds 4 (3+1), Marian Bobok 2 (1+1), Peer Rueffer 1 (1+0), Fredrik Sundell 1 (0+1), Timothy Armistead 1 (0+1) - Jan Felcman 5 (4+1), Peter Smejdovec 3 (1+2), Kieran Holland 1 (1+0), Johanna Andreassen 1 (0+1), Sam Needham 1 (0+1)

Captain’s comments:

Bristol: “We expected hard game and we get them. For both teams be important to get this 3 points. This time Coventry be stronger.”

Coventry: “After the result last time we faced Bristol, we wanted to get a big 3 points. A great team effort was key to the win. A great game of floorball from start to finish.”

Wakefield wolves 4 - UCM/Jigsaw Foods 7

Martins Riekstins 2 (2+0), Alberts Jermacans 2 (2+0), Endijs Brivers 3 (0+3) - Raivis Bogdanovs 5 (3+2), Kristaps Krumins 3 (2+1), Sarita Heikkinen 1 (1+0), Janis Alps 3 (1+3), Kaspars Puke 1 (0+1), Oskars Briedis 1(0+1)

Captain’s comments:

Wakefield: “Very inserting game, with lots of up and downs. UCM are the best team in Midlands and they deserve to go to nationals unbeaten! Thanks for showing a class performance and giving us a good experience from what we can only learn”

UCM: “Last game of the day. We started first half very fast scoring some well combined goals. At second half due slippery pitch we shortened ring what gave Wakefield some unknown boost and they done some great job to score 3 goals but luckily for us our first half efforts was enough to secure win.”