Well the result is a friendly tournament that will be played on Saturday 23rd February in Wakefield to find out who will come out on top.

Wakefield Wolves hosts the Scotland U21 team, Hawick Hawks and York University. The tournament format will be for every club to play each other once over the course of the day and will be played with the following format: * 40 minute games with 2x20 minute periods * 5v5 format *

Everyone plays each other once This promises to be potentially one of the biggest tournaments outside the league system run by UKFF, as this combines clubs who come from different backgrounds. Both Wakefield and Hawick are established league teams whilst York is a university team that is a fast growing and upcoming club that is making a bold statement in UK floorball.

These three clubs will relish the opportunity of facing national opposition in the Scottish U21 team, it’s a rarity for this chance to happen where both university and league clubs face such opposition so it will be an exciting prospect to see how these clubs will perform against national level. A benefit of this tournament is that it will help to improve the collaboration between these clubs to help expand UK floorball and hopefully increase the appeal of floorball for the foreseeable future.

Date: Saturday 23rd February 2019 Time: 13:00-19:00 Venue: Lightwaves Lesiure Centre Wakefield