The 2018 IFF WFC gets under way today, when Latvia and Switzerland meet at the O2 Arena (website : . Team Canada face Slovakia later on in Arena Sparta (website : and then a big game between Finland and Sweden begins at 3 PM (O2 Arena, local time).

This floorball's showpiece event features 16 teams (including cup holders Finland) competing a lot of games over next 8 days.

As we all know Team GB did not qualify to this event but it is definitely worth to watch anyway. You can see what happens in the top level of floorball. You can watch the best players of the game, their tricks and moves, you can follow the news and learn from best teams and individuals.

Who will win the World Cup?

Well, you can guess but history shows that Sweden have reached final in each of the past editions of WFC and that's a very strong mark. Team Finland (current champions) managed to beat Sweden three times in the final in history of WFC and we can look forward to watch hopefully an amazing game between these two on day 1. The only other teams appeared in the final game of WFC were Switzerland (1998) and the Czech republic (2004). For sure other teams fancy their chances too but it's gonna be very difficult for all of them.  Let's see in coming days what teams are well prepared.

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Live-streaming and videos:
IFF YouTube channel 1 (02 arena)
IFF YouTube channel 2 (Arena Sparta)
Olympic Channel (22 matches live)
WFC 2018 on TV


Picture : O2 Arena in Prague (credits : Martin2035 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


World Floorball Championships in Prague, Match day 1:

Switzerland – Latvia 12:00, O2 Arena

Canada – Slovakia 12:30, Arena Sparta

Finland – Sweden 15:00, O2 Arena

Australia – Estonia 15:30, Arena Sparta

Germany – Czech Republic 18:15, O2 Arena

Poland – Thailand 18:30, Arena Sparta