An international transfer must be done when a player transfers from a club (the giving club) in one nation which is a member of the IFF, to a club (the receiving club) in another nation also member of the IFF.

Ordinary transfer (200 CHF)

Transfers are processed and approved once a week, each Monday, after IFF has received:

  1. completed transfer form (including signatures of all four parties) and
  2. the payment is visible on the IFF account (no need to send the receipt!)

Transfer fee to IFF member association countries, which are ranked outside the 25 in the official WFC IFF ranking, the ordinary transfer fee is 100 CHF.

Express transfer (300 CHF)

Transfer is processed and approved with-in the following business day after receiving:

  1. completed transfer form (including signatures of all four parties) and
  2. a copy of the payment receipt is send to IFF!

Express transfer fee is the same regardless of the IFF WFC ranking.


Step-by step instructions for completing a transfer :

    1. Download  the Official IFF Transfer Form HERE and Fill in all required information.
      Please fill in the form as fully as possible BEFORE printing the document in order to avoid loosing information when forwarding, printing and scanning the document!
    2. Get the Player´s signature.
    3. Send the form to the Receiving Club for signature (and to complete any missing information on their part)
    4. Send the form to the Giving Club for approval & signature (and to complete any missing information on their part)
    5. Send the form to the National Association of the Giving Club for their approval & signature
    6. Pay the Transfer Fee and any additional bank fees included to the payment to the IFF account.
      Please mark the Player´s name to the info field on the payment to target the payment to right transfer!
      Bank: Credit Suisse, CH-8700 Küsnacht, Switzerland
      Account No: 0818-559200-11 SWIFT: CRESCHZZ80A IBAN: CH52 0483 5055 9200 1100 0
      Use the address: International Floorball Federation, Box 1047, SE-17121 Solna, Sweden
    7. When the form has been signed by all above mentioned parties, the form shall be sent in PDF format to IFF by e-mail: transfer(at)
    8. For EXPRESS transfers only: Please send copy of the payment receipt with the Transfer form to IFF

 Transfer period (July 1st to January 15th)

All transfers must arrive to the IFF official address during the period of 1st of May to 15th of January at midnight CET and shall be carried out with the official IFF Transfer Form. Please notice, that international transfers will be made valid from 1st of July on.

Transfer administration and handling

A transfer shall be made valid by IFF on the first Monday occurring 14 days after a correct transfer formula and payment is received, (however not before 1st of July). An Express transfer, correctly received, is handled right away, but All transfers are handled only during the IFF office hours.

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