Like every year, the UK floorball season starts when Scottish Floorball Cup is on - one day tournament in Perth, where teams show their skills before the league season. Hawks had a terrific record in the Cup not loosing a game. They only drew with Aberdeen Uni (who ended 3rd) in a normal playing time but managed to win on penalties. The Cup tournament showed that this season will be very competitive in Scotland. And how team representatives comment this year's Cup?

Aberdeen Oilers : 'Oilers travelled to Perth hoping to retain the Scottish Cup. During the group stages Oilers showed their quality scoring 29 goals and conceding only 2. Scores were v Dunblane Devils 13-0. V Fife Lightning 8-2 and V Dundee Northern Lights 8-0. Against Aberdeen University Oilers had a tough game but still ran out 5-1 winners. Hawick Hawks as usual Gave Oilers a tough match in the Final but Oilers ran to a 4-1 lead with 12 minutes left on the clock. However Hawks were not finished and showed their resilience by wearing Oilers down to draw 4-4 sending the match to penalties which Hawks won by 2-1. Oilers played well and should have closed the match but it was not to be and we wish to congratulate Hawks on their victory this year.'

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Aberdeen Uni : 'The 2018 Scottish Cup proved to be an exciting and exhausting tournament. All teams put in a great effort to create a fantastic enviroment that allowed competitive players and teams to thrive. We are incredibly pleased with our team's performance in Perth that led us to third place. Congratulations to Hawks for a well deserved win! This preseason tournament was a promising start for another year of Scottish floorball'

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Fife Lightning : 'Fife Lightning arrived in Perth with a short bench and struggled to match last years efforts of reaching the final, Marc Dawson and Brett Roberts made their debuts after moving from Fife Thunder and both youths settled in to the squad with Marc scoring 3+3 and Brett 2+2. '

Fife Thunder : 'Thunder played their 1st games of a new season at the Scottish cup, A mix of experienced and new players worked hard all day, there were 4 players making their debut playing in their 1st ever games, Liam Lister, Michael Berry, Stephen Barbour and Andrew Thomson.'

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Dunblane Devils : 'We had our first experience of competitive games in the Scottish Cup! We were playing with quite a short bench but the team put up a great fight as the day went on and we ended on a high with a victory! In the group stage we faced really stiff competition with some of the better teams in the league.

GAME ONE: Aberdeen Oilers 13 - 0 Dunblane Devils

GAME TWO: Dundee Northern Lights 7 - 3 Dunblane Devils GOALS: Alessio Cimaglia x3

GAME THREE: Fife Lightning 10 - 2 Dunblane Devils GOALS: Dean Stephen Lawson, Alessio Cimaglia

GAME FOUR: Fife Thunder 3 - 4 Dunblane Devils GOALS: Michael Anderson x2, Steven Jaap, Dean Stephen Lawson

We start our league season in October and we’ll hopefully have more depth on the bench which should help us gain some good results! special shout out to our goalie Andy Gregory, it was his first ever tournament as goalie and he played well! Thanks to the Scottish Floorball League and all the teams, it was a great day. See you all soon!'

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West Coast Floorball Club, Glasgow : 'West Coast kickstarted the 2018 floorball season by finishing 5th at the Scottish Cup. The team has gone through considerable changes in the last year but everyone played really well. There is a lot of promise from our new joiners and the oldies weren’t too bad, so don’t worry during the league season West Coast will return to the rightful top. Congrats to Hawick Hawks for a great win!!'

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Hawick Hawks :

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2018 Scottish Cup standings :

1. Hawick Hawks

2. Aberdeen Oilers

3. Aberdeen Uni

4. Dundee Northern Lights

5. West Coast Floorball Club

6. Fife Lightning

7. Dunblane Devils

8. Fife Thunder

Individuals :

Most Points :

1. Miika Stenman (Aberdeen Oilers)   13

2. Tomas Dubec (Aberdeen Oilers)    12

3. Stephen Ward (Dundee)              11

Most Goals :

1. Miika Stenman (Oilers) & Stephen Ward (Dundee)   9

3. Brett Roberts (Fife Lightning)                               8

Most Assists :

1. Martins Admidins (Dundee)   7

2. Shaun McCaroll (Hawks)       6

3. Dmitri Sevoldajev (West Coast)  5

   Tomas Dubec (Oilers)          5

   Arvis Heidemanis (Oilers)      5

Results, stats :