What is a name of your club?

Manchester Salibandits

How many teams do you run within the club?

Just one

What is the club's story? Tell us about club's history a bit.

The club was founded by a really cool Finnish guy studying at Manchester University several years ago. He really like playing floorball so he just bought all the kit by himself and started to invite his friends to play. Slowly over the years that group of people turned into the Salibandits.

How do you get new players?

From all over the place really! We have a lot of university students from floorball countries join us, but we also advertise on Gumtree, as well as talking to people when we are out.

What do you think is the biggest challange to run a floorball club in the UK?

The logistics involved in running a club is quite intensive. You really need a good group of people to carry the load.

How was your last season and how you getting on this season?

We are playing in the Midlands league! We have played in this league for quite a few years now. Unfortunately we're not having a great season this year, but still, we love to play floorball.

Could you name your best players?

We are strongest as a team :-)

How do you run your trainings?

We run two training sessions every week. We spend half the time doing drills and have the time playing floorball.

Every season there are plenty of floorball tournaments abroad, do you join them?

Sadly we haven't been able to do that yet. We would love to get destroyed by an elite Swedish team, but haven't had the chance to experience that punishment yet.

Do you check other clubs/teams? Do you know what's going on in other teams?

Not really, we just love playing floorball and making jokes about floorball.

What do you think about floorball in the UK?

I've seen it grow as a sport in the last 5 years, and I'm hoping to see it grow even more in the next 5 years.

Tell us more about your trainings. How often do you practice? Are you happy with a venue you use?

We love our venue, it's very central to the city of Manchester and the sports hall and school have looked after us very well over the years we have been there.

Tell us more about how you fund your club/team? Do you have any sponsors/partners?

We do not have any sponsors. We self-fund our team through training fees.

Tell us about yourself (if you wish). What is your position in your club?

I'm officially the longest standing Salibandit. I've been playing with the club for about 7 years now I think. I've recently become coach, and looking forward to seeing where the Salibandits go this year.

Would you give any advise to people who want to start a new club?

Do it!


Thank you!


Manchester Salibandits Club contacts :

Website: www.salibandits.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/Salibandits



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