• Appointment of Chairman

    UKFF to appoint a new Chairman.

    For UKFF members not attending or represented at AGM, our current Chairman has sadly resigned after 5 years service due to relocating abroad.

    We are delighted to have an excellent candidate prepared to join the UKFF board to continue this excellent work developing our sport, but due to illness the post was not able to be formally appointed to by Ordinary Resolution at AGM. In line with the UKFF Articles of Association, the board is preparing to hold a secondary board meeting on Thursday 7th June to formalise the appointment.

  • Welcome Miika, our new board member!

    It’s a real pleasure to be able to confirm the appointment of our new UKFF Chairman! Miika Savolainen, who you may know either as the goalie for our reigning national champions, or as one of the referees for South Division Two, is a fantastic addition to our board.